Dictamus 50g

Rare tea from Crete.

The herb Cretan marigold - dictamus, which actually grows only in Crete, is one of the rarest plants in the world. Since ancient times, miraculous healing effects have been attributed to it. Cretans make the famous Diktamus tea from this plant, which they often drink several times a day. And it is said that they owe their long and healthy life to him.

Diktamus-Miracle herb from Crete

Dictamus (dittany) originates from Crete and has been known for its healing effects since ancient times. Aristotle and Homer already mentioned its healing effects.

Dictamus is a very medicinal plant against spasms, soothes stomach and intestinal pains. It is also suitable for bile, stops headaches and toothaches. It helps a lot with flu and angina.

small woody shrubs whose stems reach up to 40 cm. The plant has hairy leaves that have a velvety texture. The flowers are pink and the aroma is delicious.

This plant grows wild only in Crete

Active ingredients of dictum

Diktamus contains active medicinal substances, e.g. camphor and calvarol. These substances prevent the multiplication of bacteria, heal inflammation and relieve pain.

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