Extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality

Top quality Physis of crete

Kalyteros  /καλύτερος/ - the best

We are a family company from Banská Bystrica, which has loved Greece since 1998. In 2018, we decided to bring the best to Slovakia

People want quality food, so we sell only the best. All in BIO quality. The oil is pressed immediately after harvesting, which guarantees low acidity and maximum quality.

From one family from Crete that does it honestly and with quality. Asmarianakis Family *Physis of Crete*

Every year we visit, retrain to know and especially to see the story of this top olive oil.

Most of the products are from the Kritsa and Mirabello area of ​​Crete.

The family winery VORIZANAKI FAMILY WINERY is from the Dafnes area.

We will not only give you oil, but also service and advice.

We started with only olive oil, today we have over 400 items of the best from Crete and Greece. The goods that we have in the e-shop are also physically in stock. So we only sell what we have

The price of olive oil shot up after two years of drought in Spain and Italy. That's how the Greek one is bought and prices rise.

We focus only on the best, that's why you won't find lower quality oils with us. We chose such a strategy six years ago and we will stick to it.

What is extra virgin olive oil?


≤ 0.3% top class extra virgin (processed immediately after harvest)

naturally pressed cold and mechanically

≤ 0.8% extra virgin

above 0.8% virgin

and then follows POMACE (SANSA) that is lamp oil, from residues, obtained thermally or chemically.

Our Extra virgin olive oil has a fruity aroma, a slightly spicy taste with a slightly spicy finish. It is ideal for salads and excellent for cooking, baking and even deep-frying as it burns through up to 230 degrees.

Buy content you learn about, not "Luxury" or "Exclusive" packaging

The content of polyphenols is also important. This is the rarest thing about olive oil. Our oils are loaded with polyphenols.

Evoo 0.2% 287mg/kg

Corona premium 932mg/kg

Agoureleo 536mg/kg

Korona Organic 1078mg/kg

Early harvest is suitable for salads and cold cuisine

Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive classification of olive oil. It must not have any errors. Fruity aroma, slightly spicy taste with a spicy finish. It must be produced exclusively by mechanical methods without the use of any solvents and at temperatures that do not damage the oils.

It is not easy to produce extra virgin olive oil. The producer must use fresh olives in good condition and carefully monitor each step of the process. Extra virgin olive oil does not stay that way forever. Even under perfect storage conditions, the oil will deteriorate over time, so it's important to enjoy it within its two-year shelf life.

How to choose olive oil?

Not only acidity is important, but also the content of polyphenols. This is the rarest thing about olive oil.

At the competition, aroma and taste are evaluated, from a colored glass, because color is not the main indicator.

3">So, a fruity aroma, a slightly spicy taste with a spicy finish, and you've got a choice.