Extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality

Top quality Physis of crete

Kalyteros  /καλύτερος/ - the best

We are a family business that loves Greece.

People want quality food, so we sell only the best. Everything in BIO quality. The oil is pressed immediately after harvest, which guarantees low acidity and maximum quality. From one family from Crete who does it honestly and with quality. Family Asmarianakis * Physis of Crete *

We visit every year, we train, so that we know and especially see the story of this top olive oil.

Most of the products are from the Kritsa and Mirabello area of ​​Crete.

Organic teas from Naxos, but we also have homemade Slovak products, but only the really best and selected ones.

The VORIZANAKI FAMILY WINERY family winery is from the Dafnes region.

We started with only Olive Oil, today we already have over 400 items of the best from Greece, mainly from Crete.

What is extra virgin olive oil?


≤ 0.3% top class extra virgin (processed immediately after harvest)

≤ 0.8% extra virgin

over 0.8% virgin

and then follow POMACE (SANSA) that is lamp oil, from residues, obtained thermally or chemically.

Quality Extra virgin olive oil has a fruity aroma, mildly spicy and spicy taste. It is ideal for salads excellent for cooking, baking or even frying as it burns up to 230 degrees.

Early harvest is again suitable for salads and cold dishes

Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive classification of olive oil. It must not have any errors. Fruity taste, slightly spicy taste with a spicy finish. It must be produced exclusively by mechanical means without the use of any solvents and at temperatures that will not damage the oils.

It is not easy to produce extra virgin olive oil. The producer must use fresh olives in good condition and carefully monitor each step of the process. Extra virgin olive oil doesn't stay that way all the time: Even in perfect storage conditions, the oil gets worse over time, so it's important that you can enjoy it within its two-year shelf life.

Deserved gold medal - great taste!

Extra virgin olive oil from Crete with 0.2% acidity, cold pressed from Koroneiki olives. It is produced in the area of ​​southern Crete in Lasithi, a family tradition of olive oil production. It is the best choice for salads, cooking, cold cooking and even frying. Try to taste its excellent taste just on a baguette or pastry.

Physis of Crete 0.2% won a gold medal in Athens 2018 and a COOC gold medal in Rethymno 2018, Silver medal KOTINOS 2019, bronze OLYMPIA AWARDS 2019, gold OLYMPIA AWARDS 2020, Silver OLYMPIA AWARDS 2018, Silver IOOC 2020, Silver IOOC 2020, London IOOC bronze

At the International Olive Oil Competition London 2017, we won a bronze medal among 4,000 participating olive oils from around the world!

What you should know about olive oil

Olive oil is considered a food containing monounsaturated fats, and is a key element of the Mediterranean diet.

Pressed olives are peeled before the final ripening, when they are the color of green eggplant, because the quality of the oil is much better than oil from fully ripe olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a "natural juice" that contains intact all the key ingredients contained in olives, such as vitamins and minerals, and therefore olive oil has all the beneficial properties at its disposal.

Extra Virgin olive oils are divided according to the content of free fatty acids (acidity) and other special characteristics for each category.

Extra virgin olive oil with acidity ≤ 0.3% is considered TOP class