CHILI Extra virgin olive oil 250ml

Extra virgin olive oil from Crete made by cold pressing from Koroneiki olives. Contains pieces of spicy chili. Try this olive oil for salads, pizzas, cold dishes or for cooking and add a spicy touch to your cooking.

What you should know about olive oil

Olive oil is considered a food containing monounsaturated fats, and is a key element of the Mediterranean diet.

Pressed olives are peeled before the final ripening, when they are the color of green eggplant, because the quality of the oil is much better than oil from fully ripe olives.

Virgin olive oil is a "natural juice" that contains intact all the key ingredients contained in olives, such as vitamins and minerals, and thus olive oil has all the beneficial properties at its disposal.

Virgin olive oils are divided according to the content of free fatty acids (acidity, acidity) and other special characteristics for each category.

It is considered a TOP virgin olive oil with acidity ≤ 0.3%

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