Fantaxa 0,75L

Vorizanaki Family Winery

CATEGORY: Cretan local wine

Variety: Assyrtiko -Vidiano. "Cretan grape variety".

TYPE: White dry wine

CHARACTERISTICS:Vidiano and Assyrtiko are rare white grape varieties, perhaps two of the greatest Mediterranean varieties.

Vidiano and Assyrtiko in Crete provide not only high percentages of alcohol, but also a perfect balance thanks to its crispness and minerality. We follow a controlled alcoholic fermentation in new oak barrels. The wine in the barrels is stirred regularly. Malolactic fermentation and batonage for four months tend to create a unique wine with a fuller mouthfeel and buttery flavor.

It has a bright straw color with greenish hues and aromas of butter, lemon and ripe fruit such as pear, mango and citrus.

On the palate, the rich flavors of lemon peel enhance the pleasant mouthfeel and add a balanced finish.

TASTY HARMONY: Excellent assortment with fatty fish, salmon, shrimp in white sauces, asparagus, crab or lobster, roasted vegetables, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Best served at 8-10°C.

The winery has state-of-the-art equipment and is HACCP and ISO 9001 certified

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